tapestry in uniti center

A New Thread in the Tapestry

The UNITI Cultural Center reopens in a vibrant space,
designed to foster collaboration, friendship and inclusion


The multicultural design of the 3,500-square-foot space in the Stony Brook Union pays homage to the Black and Latino experience, weaving different textures, shapes and colors together to show our community symbolically as a rich tapestry with many threads making it whole.

The UNITI (United Nationalities in Transcending Ideologies) Cultural Center (UCC), a longstanding campus facility and program, promotes cultural diversity and inclusion by offering department and student-sponsored activities that educate, address contemporary cultural issues and celebrate diversity. Now open on the first floor of the Stony Brook Union, the UCC will build upon our current commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity while also reflecting the rich history of the Black and Latino experience at Stony Brook. The multipurpose space — featuring two conference rooms, booths with curtains for privacy and an array of seating areas — is open to all students for studying, impromptu meetings or club events.

Brief History of the UNITI Cultural Center

UNITI letters

A council of representatives from SBU’s Black and Latino student organizations established the United Nationalities in Transcending Ideologies (UNITI) Cultural Center as a community space where they could connect, share resources and help each other succeed in higher education while developing and accentuating the rich heritage of their cultures through programs, advocacy and community service.

A council of representatives from SBU’s Black and Latino student organizations

On October 21, the UCC officially opened in the Stage XII cafeteria in Roosevelt Quad (current location of the Nobel Halls) with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, poetry readings and cultural entertainment. 

newspaper clipping 1983 cultural center grand opening

Late 1980s
As SBU’s student diversity increased and new residence halls were constructed to meet the growing needs of the campus, the UCC relocated to the Tabler Arts Center.

large group of students

Early 1990s
Relocated to Roth Cafeteria
students in front of cultural center sign

Moved to a more central location in the Stony Brook Union bi-level in an expanded space to offer more programming.

old student union building

With the Union about to go under construction, the UCC temporarily relocated to the Student Activities Center.

students at the cultural center

Assembly Speaker Carl E. Heastie ’90 visits with students and announces he has helped secure a New York State grant for the construction of a new facility.   

students and staff at the cultural center

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for the new facility as part of the festivities for President McInnis’ Inauguration Celebration featuring students, special guests and our “Assembly” Seawolves.

ribbon cutting at the cultural center in 2021

Following a COVID-induced construction delay, the reimagined UCC officially opened to students on September 7, 2022, with a daylong celebration. The space features art, musical instruments, books and photography celebrating the Black and Latino cultures.  

2 students at the cultural center