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Javits Lecture Center reopens after a two-year interior renovation


Every Seawolf’s favorite lecture center recently reopened after a two-year, $38 million refurbishment of the inside space. The iconic Javits Lecture Center, built in 1968, has been an integral and important part of the Stony Brook University landscape, but it was in need of modernization. The Campus Planning, Design and Construction teams kicked off the renovation in August 2021, and completed the project in time for the start of school this past August.

Javits Lecture Hall

Javits Lecture Hall

New Javits lobby seating

New Javits Lobby

The upgrades include a full-scale rehabilitation of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems to bring the building up to date and up to current code requirements. Accessibility has been enhanced, with electrical ramps in every lecture classroom, along with larger seating pathways. The new, larger elevator is ADA compliant. Classrooms now all feature dual projection so that an instructor may show multiple forms of content simultaneously, and additional and larger color-coded signage has been installed to make finding classrooms easier. New furniture now also fills the lobby so students have a place to meet in between classes.

“Our teams implemented updated technology to enhance teaching and learning environments while the interior spaces underwent a rejuvenation process, resulting in a more contemporary feel,”  said William Herrmann, vice president for Facilities and Services. “We are delighted to announce this renovation project exceeds ADA standards, including a new elevator, chairlifts in all of the lecture halls, automatic door openers and several enhanced accessibility features throughout the building.”

Herrmann continued, “We acknowledge the significance of the Javits Lecture Center within Stony Brook’s campus and the broader community. It is important to mention that throughout the construction process, our designers and engineers were mindful of the importance of preserving the building’s original architecture as appropriate. In the planning phase, our team collaborated closely with the New York State Historic Preservation Office to thoroughly review designs and address any concerns that emerged.”

Be sure to check out the new enhancements the next time you are on campus.

Javits Lecture Center
Through the Years

Shown on left: The main lecture hall, circa 1968 through Javits renovation, August 2007, followed by old photos of the lecture hall and lobby.