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We asked the furry family members of our Marketing & Communications family what they were most looking forward to as the New Year begins and they had a lot to meow and bark about.

corgi dog in santa hat


Orange tabby, 1

“CatGPT informs me that humans are motivated by awards. In the new year, I hope to motivate my human staff to go above and beyond by having them compete for awards such as 'Gives the Most Treats,' 'Best Dispenser of Catnip,' and 'Best at Anticipating Alfie's Needs.'”

—Pet parent: Beth Squire, Writer and Multimedia Journalist

orange tabby cat


German shepherd, 4

“Looking forward to a quiet new year since there have been so many delivery people lately!
Guarding my family is exhausting!”

— Pet parent: Sabrina Taormina, Business Generalist

white Shepard and wreath
Kona and Vito

Eliza & Edward ('Eddie')

Brother/sister Tabbicos (Tabby and Calico Mix), 6 months (Eliza with the orange highlights)

Eliza: "I can't wait to continue to explore my wonderful 'forever home.' My resolution to mommy and daddy is to try — though I can't make any promises — to be just a LITTLE less destructive and stop trying to steal all their food and snacks."

Eddie: "I'm so excited to continue to be a cuddly little adorable, playful boy. I will try to stop stealing as much of Eliza's food, though I will continue to wrestle with her and play with her tail (when I get tired of chasing my own)."

—Pet parent: Ellen Cooke, Associate Director of Internal Communication

2 kittens


Retriever/shepherd/hound mix, 6

“After I finish cleaning up my inbox, I plan to focus on my new blog, “Top ten ways to keep squirrels out of your yard.”

— Pet parent: Shelley Catalano, Executive Editor

golden retriever with laptop

Lulu and Jiji

Domestic short-hair rescues, 8 and 7

"For 2024, we plan to recruit the tiny pink hairless kitten that the humans are calling “the baby” over to our cause. With him on our side, the humans will be outnumbered and we will finally be able to take over the house and fulfill our dream of unlimited dry food on demand."

— Pet grandparent: Margot Bennett, Graphic Designer

2 cats
Vasyka and Mishka

Emmy & Charlotte

Dachshunds, 5 months

“We are looking forward to settling into our new home in 2024, and we are especially looking forward to exploring the rest of the house once we figure out this pooping thing, which is taking longer than mom hoped.”

— Pet parent: Rob Emproto, Writer

2 hot dogs
Vasyka and Mishka


Mini Poodle, 18 months

“My goal for 2024 is to eat all the food in the world except dog food."

—Pet Parent: Ying Zong, Front End Developer

Milo and Gracie

Milo and Gracie

Tabby cats, siblings, age 17

Milo: (standing on paper)
"It's my hope that when I interrupt my owner's work she will finally understand that I'm telling her it's time to stop and pay attention to me. She just never gets that!"

Milo and Gracie: "We are looking forward to being able to continue to have our human support us in the comfort to which we have become accustomed--and deserve. Nap time, anyone?"

— Pet parent: Liza Burby, SBU Magazine Features Editor and Writer

2 cats on chair
Vasyka and Mishka


Golden Retriever mix, age 6

"I look forward to a New Year full of bunnies, squirrels and children on skateboards to bark at."

— Pet parent: Michael Gasparino, Associate Director of Web Content

smiling dog
Vasyka and Mishka

Darla & Lucy

Darla, Blue Nose Pitbull, 11
Lucy, Great Pyrenees mix, 8 months (adopted in November)

"I'm so thankful for my new sister, now I won't be alone when mom and dad go to work!" — Darla

"I'm thankful for my new family!" — Lucy

— Pet parent: Karen Keeley, Advertising Coordinator

2 rescue dogs
Vasyka and Mishka


Corgi, 10

Going into 2024, Tootsie is looking forward to finally catching one of the many birds that frequent her family's bird feeder as well as going on nature walks with her family. Being 77 years old in human years she still plans on chasing down thrown balls, frisbees, and dropped food as fast as she can.

— Pet parent: John Griffin, University Photographer

corgi dog in santa hat
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Rave Reviews

May December, the latest film from director Todd Haynes, is now streaming on Netflix.

Haynes — who received an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from Stony Brook in 2022 and is a frequent lecturer in SBU’s MFA in Film program — is being praised for the introspective romantic drama featuring Natalie Portman and his frequent muse, Julianne Moore. The film received a 6-minute standing ovation when it debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in May and it has continued to receive accolades as it arrived in theaters and began streaming at the end of 2023.

In the video linked here, Haynes provides a behind the scenes peak at the process of working on the film:


Director Todd Haynes (center) with the actors from his latest film at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2023.

Director Todd Haynes (center) with the actors from his latest film at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2023.

Long Island Legend

Long Island Music Hall of Famer Randy Jackson, leader of the band Zebra, stopped by the WUSB-FM studio recently to talk with The Last DJ about the influence of the Beatles, Long Island’s 80’s music scene, Zebra’s successful recording career, and what 2024 has in store.

For the full interview, check out this link on YouTube.

Listen to The Last DJ every Friday morning on WUSB-FM from 6 am to 8 am, and every other Saturday from 6 am to 9 am.